Adam Maidment

Manchester, UK

Adam Maidment

Helming from Manchester, UK - By day, i'm part of a media relations team for a visual information agency and by night, i'm a blogger and writer.



How Acceptance Can Erase Mental Illness Stigmas

Same-sex marriage was legalized in both Ireland and the United States, and transgender rights are finally moving to the forefront of our conversations. However, a serious stigma still affects those who are dealing with mental illnesses. According to the mental health charity, Mind, one in four people in the UK will experience some sort of mental health problem every year.
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Why Morphine Needs To Be A Global Human Right

Morphine is a key narcotic drug that serves the fundamental purpose of treating moderate to severe pain. It minimises the suffering of millions of patients worldwide. Yet, in other parts of the world - including India -- many patients end up in needless pain because they are denied adequate relief.

Why Bruce Jenner Could Pave The Way For Transgender Equality

If anyone told you five years ago that Bruce Jenner, the track and field athlete and part-time Keeping Up with the Kardashians co-star, would become a voice and inspiration for the transgender community, you'd find it hard to believe, but here we are in 2015, where it has actually become a reality.

How We Could Have A World Without Malaria

Malaria kills hundreds of thousands of people every year and has the second most impact on world health right after tuberculosis. The infection disease is caused by a parasite and transmitted by mosquitoes. There are five different types of the Plasmodium parasite and are native to Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


Adam Maidment

Based in Manchester, UK and graduated from Edge Hill University with a 2:1 Bachelors Honors in Media. I work in a media relations team for NeoMam; a visual information agency based in the Northern Quarter. The job role involves connecting with bloggers and journalists alike to share relevant content that might appeal to them and their readers.

Outside of work, I'm a writer and blogger. Regularly contributing towards The Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Travelfore, and my own blog.

I also enjoy video games, music, awkwardly dancing, being envious of drag queens, pop culture and finding something to regularly complain about.

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